Pierre-Alexandre Yacoub

Senior Analytics & Optimisation Manager

My skill palette

Experience Optimisation

Strategy 80%
Analytics 90%
AB Testing 80%

UX Design

Figma 80%
UX Studies 60%
Web Design 70%


WordPress 80%
JavaScript 30%
HTML / CSS 60%

Key Experiences

Accenture at Google - Dublin

Google Ads Account Optimiser

Audit, Create, Optimise

Numerous campaigns came on my desk, small to big accounts, from 1€ to 1000€ daily budgets.

Foodette - Paris

Traffic Manager

Structure, Analyse, Acquire

1 year in acquisition matured into revamping internal digital structure (launching Slack, Intercom...) and a 200% ROI through Google & Facebook Ads.

Evaneos - Paris

Conversion Rate Optimiser

Analyse, Test, Performe

My role was to dig into key content performances in order to improve conversions' volume and quality. One key result was the 5% increase in onsite travel quotes.

Neo France - Paris

Search & CRO Consultant

Support, Develop, Innovate

I helped developping the CRO product from the SEA/SEO team so that clients could benefit from optimising the whole conversion funnel

Jellyfish - Paris

Senior Analytics & Optimization Manager

Consult, Lead, Solve

I help international clients solve their experience breaking pain points through behaviour and journey analysis up to online strategy and AB testing.

My Key Projects

Hebenelia (2008-Today)
Hebenelia is my Fantasy world and my dearest writing project. in which most of my stories take place;
Short stories
Between France, Ireland & Netherland
Living abroad is an important part of my life goals and so far I lived in Dublin (1 year), Singapore then San Francisco (2 months each) and I am planning my next move to Amsterdam (one-way ticket, please).
Buffer Community Host Advisor (2018-2019)
Buffer's a social media tool. Its original community took place on Slack and is now on Discord. Back then, through high engagement and support, I become Host then Advisor. My job was to help, animate and moderate.
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Experience Optimiser

I help companies better leverage their marketing budgets by putting back website data on the table

While I started with paid and organic acquisition, I am now expert in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) which encompasses UX, Analytics & AB Testing among other fields.

My expertise was built through startups and bigger groups which helped me having a comprehensive view of the web ecosystem.

This wide area of work created a cornerstone to create tailor-made experience optimisation stragies.